Beautify Your Backyard By Attracting Wildelife

One of the best ways to beautify your backyard is to attract wildlife. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing blue jays or hummingbirds, not to mention rabbits or bumblebees, in your yard. It can be very peaceful and relaxing to sit in on your patio and watch wildlife from the comfort of your chair. However, these animals won't simply show up uninvited. You need to encourage them to come to your yard. If you have a plain backyard without the correct agriculture products, then you won't see the lovely animals you want. So, here is what you need to do to get these animals to your backyard:

Attract Birds

An easy way to attract bird to your yard is by setting up a nice bird bath. These are great because birds will fly down and then drink or bath in the water. You can get one made of concrete and center it in the middle of the yard. The birds will come down and spend their time in your yard. When choosing your bird bath, you might want to consider getting one that has a built in fountain. That not only creates visual interest, but it helps to keep the water cleaner. There are also water fountains that have filters to help remove the algae.

Bring in Butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful and certainly something that will make the garden all the more enjoyable. However, in order to attract them, you will need to plant certain types of flowers. There are certain ones like sage and lavender that also smell good. The best way to go about planting the correct flowers and plants is to contact an agricultural supply store and order a mixture of plants that are specially tailored to attracting butterflies. One cool thing you might want to take an interest in are the mixes that also contain seeds for plants that attract hummingbirds (such as begonia).

Encourage Rabbits

Unless you're planting a vegetable garden, rabbits are a great thing to encourage. They are really fun to watch as they scamper through your yard. However, they won't just coming through unless you design the garden to be encouraging. You will need to be proactive. First off, you need to let the grass grow higher than normal. You don't want to have really short grass because rabbits won't feel comfortable walking around exposed. So, at least in the perimeter, you will want to let the grass grow high. Also, you should make sure you plant things such as clover and alfalfa, which are edible plants that the rabbits can feed on.

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