Pergolas 101: 3 Common Types Of Pergolas That Are Perfect For Any Backyard

A decorative pergola can transform any backyard into a beautiful and comfortable entertaining space. Designed to add an indoor feel to an outdoor space, pergolas provide a functional space to barbecue, read, or even sunbathe. While the decision to purchase a pergola is often an easy one, deciding a style may not be so easy. Pergolas come in a variety of styles and materials, which can make the buying process complicated. But it doesn't have to be that way. By knowing a little more about each type of pergola, you can make a more informed decision.

So what are your options when it comes to a decorative pergola? Here are three:

1. Open Top

Considered the standard, an open top pergola features large slats in the roof. Designed to provide an open and airy feeling, these types of pergolas are great for those influenced by Mediterranean décor. Featuring a trellis-like roof, open top pergolas are perfect for those wanting to incorporate plants into the design. Climbing plants, such as ivy, are perfect for creating a more enclosed feel. Plus, plants can help block out the sun, providing additional shade for those living in warmer climates.

2. Gable

Another popular type of pergola is the gable pergola. Unlike other types of pergolas, a gable pergola features a pitched or angled roof. This might sound weird, but it's a great solution for those looking to elongate the roof-line of their home. Designed to blend in with the structure of your existing home, gable pergolas allow you to extend your living space into the outdoors.

Gable pergolas offer more features than other varieties. A gable pergola can feature a traditional roof or a trellis-like roof. In addition, the angle of the roof allows for more customization. Depending on your wants and needs, you could install lights or even fans right into the roof of the pergola. This makes gable pergolas a great option for those living in cool or warm climates, as the design and materials can be customized to your liking.

3. Flat Roof

A spin-off of open top pergolas, flat pergolas feature a flatter roof. However, the roof isn't entirely flat as a slight slope is required to allow water to drain. Still, the roof of these types of pergolas are generally seen as flat to the naked eye. Easy to customize, flat roof pergolas typically feature a traditional roof. Instead of open slats, the roof will usually contain standard roof sheeting. Because of this, flat roof pergolas are ideal for those living in cooler climates. After all, the flat roof pergola provides a more traditional roof, which can help keep snow and ice off your patio.

Like gable pergolas, flat roof pergolas have the ability to be customized. They can also be customized to feature fans and lights if needed.

As you can see, there are many different styles and types of pergolas to consider. While this can make the buying process difficult, it doesn't have to. By knowing more about these three common types of pergolas, it will be much easier to make a final decision. As always, visit a pergola manufacturer in your area to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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