Civil Engineers, Outdoor Architects, And Landscapers: Explaining The Differences

When you look at the city parks, well-groomed yards, and outdoor living spaces around you, you may be surprised to learn that different people designed these spaces. Sure, you already know that landscapers do a lot of yard design and implementation of those designs, but did you know that civil engineers and outdoor architects also do similar jobs? Yet, all three of these career paths have some distinct differences too. Here is a clearer definition of each of these unique careers and an explanation of their defining differences:

Outdoor Architects Are All about Structures and Living Spaces

Outdoor architects look at the lay of the land for which they are creating a unique design. They add various outdoor living spaces for cooking, relaxing, and engaging in hobbies. They work around natural features already present, and only add other features according to the wishes of the property owner.

Landscapers Manage Everything Green and Growing

Landscapers, of course, are in charge of all the landscape designs and the planting of flowers, shrubs, and trees. They can install and construct water gardens, greenhouses, and other gardening-related implements. Yard decorations are incorporated into the scene. If you so desire, landscapers will return frequently to maintain the yard and all of the plants.

Landscapers also provide services to prevent death and disease to plants. They can recognize when something is not right, and deal with the problem accordingly. For example, if you have an infestation of Japanese beetles, a landscaper will know right away how to kill off the beetles that are present and prevent future infestations. An outdoor architect will not know that. A civil engineer might know how to control a destructive bug infestation, but is not typically the one that will address the issue directly.

Civil Engineers Plan, Design, and Manage Things Below Ground Too

Civil engineers may have a job to do when it comes to planning city parks and their appearance. However, they do not just plan what happens above ground, but below it as well. These engineers have to look at city sewer maps to see where public restrooms, fountains, and water coolers can be installed. They need to see where drainage ditches are, as well as the direction that rainwater flows before they decide to put down playgrounds. Everything has to flow in as natural a fashion as possible, even when some of that flow is orchestrated by plumbing.

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