Purchased An Older Building For Your Business? 2 Tips To Get The Exterior Ready For Customers

Purchasing an older building can help save you money but you likely need to make some repairs and updates both inside and out. If so, you can start with the exterior by repairing or replacing the parking lot and working the landscaping. Below is some information about this so you can get your business opened.

Parking Lot

If the parking lot is not in good condition, you need to hire a contractor to repair it for you. If it is very damaged, you should consider asking the contractor to rip out the old parking lot and install a brand new one.  A concrete parking lot would be a good choice.

There are many advantages of a concrete parking lot over an asphalt one. For example, asphalt is generally black and it gets very hot in the summer. Once an asphalt parking lot becomes hot, it softens and becomes oily. Because concrete is a much lighter color, you will not have these problems.

There is also less maintenance with a concrete parking lot and it will last much longer for you. The only maintenance required is annually cleaning and joint sealing.

Consider the thickness of the concrete. If you will have heavy delivery trucks driving over the parking lot often you need to have it much thicker than if you would only have regular sized cars and trucks. A concrete contractor from companies like Elizalde Construction can suggest the right thickness for you.


Because the first thing a customer sees is the exterior when they pull into your parking lot make sure the landscaping looks nice.

Start out with the entrance to your building. Install a pathway and use distinctive materials, such as stamped concrete or interlocking brick. Make sure the pathway is wide enough to give your customers extra room when entering your building.  Add greenery like small trees, shrubs, or bushes. Do not put a lot of plants in the entrance area as this can make it look overwhelming.

Plant annual flowers in front of your building to add some color. Annuals like petunias, vincas, cosmos, geraniums, and zinnias would work well for you. Annuals are generally easy to grow and they grow quickly. They will also provide you with color in the spring until the first frost.

If you need help, hire a landscape contractor to design your landscaping.

Once you finish with these two things, consider the building itself. For example, it may need a new paint job or a new roof.

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