The Major Benefits Of Stump Grinding Versus Stump Removal

Most homeowners often confuse stump grinding with stump removal. They are actually two different processes that accomplish the same goal. However, there are some major benefits to stump grinding that do not exist with stump removal.

1. Stump Grinding Creates Bark Mulch

How about that? You will not need to buy bark mulch or tree nuggets for landscaping if you just grind down the stumps in your yard. After the stumps are ground all the way down, you can scoop up the bits and sawdust and use it around your yard. Because it is also biodegradable and contains no chemicals, the bark mulch and sawdust will break down over time and enrich the soil.

2. You Will Not Have to Dig a Hole the Size of a Truck

With total stump removal, you are not only digging out the stump, but also removing the roots that are holding the stump in the ground. Some trees have incredibly long and stubborn root systems. That means that you might end up digging a hole in your yard the size of a truck just to get this stump out. If you grind down the stump instead, no digging is involved, and the tree roots will eventually decay and turn into soil underground.

3. You Will Not Have to Buy a Ton of Dirt to Fill in the Hole

With stump grinding, you only have a hole the depth and diameter of the stump itself. If you were going to remove the stump and roots entirely, you would probably need a truckload of dirt to fill in that hole. Grinding the stump leaves you with a much smaller hole that can easily be filled in with a bag or two of garden soil.

4. The Contractor That Cuts Down the Tree Can Also Grind the Stump

Landscapers that specialize in tree removal can also grind the stumps for you, for an added fee. Usually, if they are willing to do this, it will cost you an extra one to two hundred dollars per tree removed. It is a good idea to go ahead with this, not only because of the convenience, but also because it prevents the tree from attempting to grow back and the roots from continuing to grow. As long as the stump remains, the tree roots will attempt to help regrow another tree in its place because the stump provides the sunlight and the roots find the the water to do so.

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