4 Tips For Correctly Pruning Your Trees

If you have trees on your property, it is important to know how to correctly prune your trees. It's a significant factor of hardscaping. Pruning your trees is a great way to take care of your trees and ensure that they stay healthy.

#1 When To Prune

It is important to know when to prune your trees.

If you have trees that flower and you want to encourage more flowers, you should prune the trees after the blooms on the trees start to fade from the tree if the tree flowers in the spring. If the tree flowers more during the summer time, it is important to prune the tree either in the winter or early spring before the tree starts to bloom.

The best two times to prune your trees are during the summer or the winter. In the summer, it is best to prune the trees after all the new growth has appeared on the trees. This will help reduce the spread of growth of the tree if you are trying to control the size of the tree.

The other best time to prune the tree is during the winter. Most trees are dormant during the winter time, which is why it is a good time to prune the tree. Do it near the end of the winter, when the coldest weather has passed.

#2 When Not To Prune

The worst time of year to prune most trees is the fall time. In the fall, there is lots of fungi in the air, as it is the time of year that it likes to spread out everywhere. When you prune your trees in the fall, the cuts are more likely to get fungi in them. That can lead to your trees getting infected and even decaying, just because you were trying to do a little pruning of your tree.

#3 Use Sharp Tools

Third, you need to make sure that you use sharp tools when you prune your trees. Sharp tools will create clean cuts. Clean cuts are essential to ensure that your tree heals properly from the pruning. If you make rough cuts, the cuts may not heal properly and may get infected. To prevent infection and ensure that your trees heal properly, sharpen your tools before pruning your trees.

You don't need to take any further steps to protect the pruning cuts that you make on your tree; they don't need to be sealed up at all as long as you make a nice, clean cut with your tools.

#4 Use The Right Tools

There are lots of tools that work well for pruning trees. If you need to cut branches that are located up high, it is best to use a pole pruner. If you have lower level branches that you need to cut, use pruning shears that have a curved blade or a handsaw. You can also use a chainsaw for larger branches that are located lower down. 

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