Remove A Lemon Tree From The Ground And Prepare The Tree To Be Transported To Your New Residence

If you have decided to move to a new residence and do not want to leave behind the young lemon tree that is growing on your property, the following project will teach you how to safely remove the tree from the ground and prepare it prior to being transported so that it will arrive at your new address without signs of damage.

You Will Need

  • garden gloves
  • adjustable harness
  • hard hat
  • ladder
  • pruning shears
  • large spade
  • thick, waterproof tarp
  • watering can
  • hose
  • burlap material
  • sharp scissors
  • thin twine
  • bungee cords

Prune The Lemon Tree's Branches

Inspect the tree before attempting to remove it from the ground. If the tree has some wilted branches or dead leaves, remove the extra weight by pruning the branches. Before pruning, carry a ladder next to the tree and open the ladder before pressing the bottom of the ladder firmly against the ground.

Wear a hard hat, gloves, and harness while standing on the ladder to prevent an injury in case the ladder begins to tip or any tree branches fall onto your head. Use a pair of standard pruning shears to clip through the ends of branches that are wilted or that contain dying leaves. 

Remove And Wrap The Tree Before Stabilizing It In A Vehicle

Use a large, metal tipped spade to dig down into the soil that surrounds the base of the lemon tree. Carefully remove dirt from the ground so that you do not strike any of the roots with the spade and cause damage to them. Pull the tree upward once its trunk is wobbly and lay the tree on a thick tarp. Use a watering can to soak the tree's roots with water. Use sharp scissors to cut a large piece of burlap fabric that will fit around the roots. After wrapping the material around the damp roots, use a piece of thin twine to secure the fabric.

As a result of watering and wrapping the roots, they will remain moist while the tree is being transported, which will be useful if you have to travel a long distance to get to your new home. Wrap the tarp around the tree and ask a friend to help you carry the tree to the back of a truck or trailer that will be used to transport items to your new home. After laying the tree in a truck bed or on a trailer, place heavy items around the tree so that the tree will not shift while it is being moved down the road. Secure bungee cords around the wrapped tree to help keep it in place. 

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