What You Need To Know About Growing A Thyme Lawn

When you think of a lawn, in most cases you're probably thinking of grass. However, thyme has shown to be a reliable alternative to a grass lawn. Installing a thyme lawn can involve a lot of work. However, once the lawn is established, you will have a nearly maintenance-free lawn that's great for the environment.

What Varieties Of Thyme Work Best

Creeping thyme is the variety of choice for a lawn alternative. This thyme family is hardy to zone 4. It tolerates being walked on and will spread to fill any available space. Within this family, you can choose from many types, including wooly thyme, elfin thyme, and red creeping thyme. The only hard part is selecting the variety you like best. Thyme also has the benefit of blooming in a wide variety of colors. Normal color choices include red, purple, and yellow.

How To Install Your Thyme Lawn

Installing a thyme lawn is comparable in cost to installing sod on your lawn. The hardest part of installing a thyme lawn is removing your existing lawn. You may want to enlist the help of landscapers to dig up your lawn, but after that's finished, the installation process becomes much simpler.

You should work the soil shallowly, as thyme roots don't sink deeply into the ground. After you've worked the soil, you will need to install plugs of thyme every 6-12 inches. Make sure the roots of the thyme are wet when you go to transplant them.

To make the process easier, you could install new paths in your landscape. You could also install small portions of thyme lawn to gradually transition your yard rather than doing it all at once.

Care After You Install

Thyme is incredibly drought tolerant. It doesn't need frequent watering or fertilization like a normal grass lawn does. Thyme even tolerates poor soils and temperature extremes with relative ease. However, you may need to prune or trim your thyme periodically, as it will continue to spread. Most people trim their thyme lawns after their blooms have died. You may also want to provide a little additional water during the hottest, driest months where you live.

If you need help installing or caring for your thyme lawn contact your local landscaper. They will be able to provide routine care and tips to keep your lawn thriving and healthy. Companies like Ironwood Earthcare can help you with your thyme lawn establishment and care.

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