4 Ways To Boost Curb Appeal By Making Your Yard More Lush

There are several ways to increase curb appeal for your home--ranging from "cheap and easy" to "expensive and complex". But, using your landscaping to make things appear more lush definitely falls into the "cheap and easy" category. Here are 4 ways to do it.

Install a Sprinkler System

Keeping the grass green and the flower beds colorful is harder when you rely on hand-watering with hoses and manual sprinklers. You're much more likely to see a lush, green lawn once you install sprinklers and let them do the work automatically. A well-placed sprinkler system that covers the grass completely and includes drip systems for flower beds, bushes, and trees is a good investment and may not even increase your water bill if done properly.

Add Layers

Layering your plants is an easy way to make them seem larger, more colorful, and more effusive. Instead of planting a simple flower bed along a boring wall, for example, plant a row of flowering bushes behind the smaller plants. It adds greenery and covers up more of the dull portions of your yard. Tall evergreens, large-leafed plants (such as the Elephant ear), and dwarf trees are all easy ways to add vertical color as a background. Make sure your sprinkler system is adjust to keep the added layers healthy and green.

Use Containers

Container plants are easy to move around and easy to care for. They add great color and can be replanted as seasons change to keep them looking their best. And containers make a yard feel lush because they can be placed in areas where things are notoriously hard to grow. Use containers of different sizes (including hanging ones) around the porch, walkway, driveway edges, and other hardscape elements to soften them.

Mimic Tropical Plants

Nothing looks as lush as a tropical garden, where water flows freely. But you can have a "tropical" garden no matter what climate you live in if you know how to do it. Many colder-weather plants mimic the look of tropical ones. Windmill palms, Japanese fiber bananas, taro, bamboo, and hibiscus are all good examples of gorgeous, vibrant plants that make you feel like you're in the islands...even if you're in the mountains.

Any of these strategies can easily result in a lush, green yard that looks and feels more alive. And if you can incorporate all of them, you're sure to create the garden of your dreams on any budget. For more information, contact companies like Wagner SOD Company.

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