Removing A Troublesome Tree

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any lawn or landscape. However, if the trees are allowed to grow without direction or they grow to large, then you find yourself in trouble. Often a tree will grow out over a house and limbs can fall on the roof. It is also possible that the tree grows into power lines. Either situation can be very dangerous and cause a lot of property damage, but it can also cause a lot of bodily damage. In order to reduce or prevent any damage occurring, it is very important that the tree is properly taken care of. The good news is it is possible to hire a tree removal service. Here are a few different things that you can expect from a tree removal service.


The first thing that a tree removal service is going to do is take a good long look at the tree. If you want to save the tree, the tree removal service will try to find a way to save the tree. However, if the tree will simply grow back into a bad position then it may be best to just remove the tree altogether. The technicians will also create a very detailed plan on how to remove the limbs in a way as to prevent any damage to your home, the power lines, and themselves. 


The tree removal process often takes a great deal of time. It is important that each cut limb is cut in a way that is safe. Often the technician will be lifted in a crane and they will isolate limbs and secure them. once the limb is cut it is removed mechanically so it does not fall wherever gravity wants it to fall. Slow and steady is the best way for a tree to be removed. You can expect large trees to take many hours to be removed. Once the tree is out of a dangerous location the process can speed up considerably.


A tree trunk can be an eyesore and for this purpose there are a few different ways to get rid of the trunk. You can choose to remove the trunk yourself and save a little bit of money from the tree removal service. Or you can have the professionals do it for you. They will usually cut into the trunk very deeply and then pour a chemical that eats the wood away, and prohibits any further growth from the tree. 

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