How To Care For A Newly Hydroseeded Lawn

Your newly hydroseeded lawn has been applied, and now all you have to do is wait for your green lawn to grow. Of course, there are some care and maintenance duties you must keep up with to ensure your lawn establishes healthy and lush. The following guide can help you understand the necessary early care.

How often must you water?

For the first 24 hours, you generally do not need to water your lawn. This is because a hydroseeded lawn has a special coating that holds moisture. The surface of this needs to dry so that the seeds can germinate properly. Once this has occurred, you will begin irrigating three times a day. You'll want to do it in the morning, mid-day, and late afternoon. These are short, 10-minute irrigations that will keep the surface moist. Once the grass has grown in, you can reduce down to your usual watering schedule.

Is a fertilizer application necessary?

Not immediately. Part of the hydroseeding coating is a fertilizer that is designed to nourish the young grass as it establishes. This means you do not want to add any additional nutrients since this could lead to over-fertilization and burnt grass. Generally, you will not fertilizer for the first one to two months, and then you can begin a regular seasonal fertilization program.

What if weeds invade?

This shouldn't be a major issue since a weed suppressor is also part of the hydroseed mulch. Although a few weeds may be able to survive and grow, you can just ignore them until the lawn is established. Trying to pull weeds or apply a herbicide is more likely to damage your new lawn than to kill the weeds. Once your lawn is fully established and has been mown several times, you can use the weed treatment of choice.

When should you resume mowing?

The grass needs to fully establish or the lawnmower will rip it out by the roots. Your lawn is ready for its first mowing when the grass has grown to a 3 ½ to 4-inch length all over. Make sure the lawn is dry, then mow it at a height setting of 3 inches. Then, allow it to put on another 1 inch of growth before mowing it again. You can consider the lawn fully established once you have mown four times with no damage to the young grass.

For more help, contact a hydroseeding company in your area like Hydrograss Technologies .

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