Having Trouble Figuring Out Where To Plant Everything? Landscape Design Services Can Help!

People always gravitate towards different flowers, trees and bushes to put in their yards. It is what makes many yards so unique and attractive. However, if you are unfamiliar with landscape design, or you know very little about gardening, landscape design services can help.

Growing Zones

The biggest problem most homeowners have is figuring out what growing zone and bloom time mean. A growing zone is the zone in which you reside, and which has seasonal growing periods. Bloom time refers to anything that flowers at a specific time of the year. Both of these are important because they relate to what you can plant and when you can plant it. 

Sun, Shade, Etc.

If that is not enough to confuse you, there are also specific areas in your yard where you can plant things. Some flowers and bushes need full sun, while others need full shade. Still others can be planted in partial sun, or partial shade. Trying to choose what to plant where is the number one reason why most homeowners finally turn to, and hire, a landscape designer.

Making Things Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, planting things near each other to make for attractive arrangements is fine and dandy, but you have to take a few more factors into consideration. Growth height of what you plant is just as important as the other factors mentioned above. If you have giant irises that grow to three feet, and crocuses that grow to six inches, you do not want to plant crocuses behind the irises!

While it is difficult to envision how your yard will look, a professional landscaper can actually create custom digital drawings for you to help you see how everything will look. If there is anything you do not like in the digital drawing, the landscape designer can change it before starting the actual work on your yard. Additionally, any yard ornaments or special features you want, such as a fountain or a koi fish pond, can be incorporated into everything else you are planting.

Caring for Your Yard

When the design is complete and your yard looks fabulous, the services do not have to end there. Plants and flowers such as yew bushes and roses all require a monumental amount of care. The landscape designer can provide helpful tips, hints, and advice on how to maintain your yard. Some landscape designers also provide regular yard maintenance services to previous design clients.

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