The 411 On Hydroseeding Your Lawn

Maintaining your home can be a challenging but important process. Not only is maintenance imperative for its function and value, but it also plays a large role in your home's curb appeal. Ensuring that your home's first impression is a positive one is not always considered a priority for busy homeowners. However, curb appeal is an essential part of your home's total value. While surprising for most homeowners to learn, your overall landscape design is crucial to your home's value. Good landscape design enhances curb appeal while increasing your home's total value by an estimated 20 percent, and improving your lawn is a great place to start. With hydroseeding, you can have a healthy, lush, and green lawn that is appealing and valuable. Using this guide, you will understand the hydroseeding process to learn how it can improve your lawn and your home's curb appeal.

Hydroseeding 101

Before you understand the benefits of hydroseeding, you must understand what exactly this process is and how it works.

Also known as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydroseeding involves using a hose to spray a mixture of seed and mulch onto an area of land that you want to plant on. In most cases, the hydroseeding mixture contains seed, mulch, water, fertilizer, and soil treatments to ensure planting success.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is an investment, but the benefits will make the cost truly worthwhile.

One of the most important benefits of the hydroseeding planting method is its success. The moisture and mulch in the hydroseeding solution protects the seeds from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, erosion, and other environmental conditions. Also, the hydroseeding mixture goes through a natural decomposition process that releases essential nutrients into the soil. This increases your planting success.

Hydroseeding your lawn is also the most effective way to implement a deep rooting system. This improves the look of your grass blades, giving your lawn a lush, dark, and healthy look that will make a great first impression.

Another great benefit of hydroseeding is the ability to plant on sloped or heavily-eroded areas of your yard. Spraying the solution onto these imperfect areas will allow the seed to make a greater impact on the yard, since the mulch, soil, and other ingredients in the mixture will hold the seed in place.

Some low-quality seed mixtures that are found at lawn and garden centers contain contaminated seeds. While you may see success when planting these seeds, you might also see weed growth that can decrease the look and underlying health of your lawn. Hydroseeding solutions contain non-contaminated seeds, which reduces the risk of weeds.


If you are concerned about the maintenance involved with hydroseeding, do not worry. There are no additional steps needed to maintain a lawn that has been hydroseeded.

As with any lawn, you should water it periodically. Be sure the mulch and seed mixture stays moist after application. Sprinkle it with water a few times a week, especially during hot and dry weather. Do not water it too frequently, since puddles of water may prevent full implementation of the seed.

You do not need to worry about mowing your new lawn until the grass blades reach a few inches in height. Make sure your mower's blades are clean and sharp to prevent jagged cuts that can harm the grass blades.

Do not walk on your hydroseeded lawn for the first week or two after application. Walking will place excessive stress on the mulch mixture, which can lead to thinning and bald spots in your lawn.

Implementing a lush lawn can be difficult, but help is available. Contact lawncare professionals at a company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc today to learn how hydroseeding can improve your home's curb appeal and value.

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