Get Help Using Fallen Trees And Other Storm Debris

Do you have a few fallen trees, branches, and other debris in your yard after a storm? Especially during hurricane season, entire fleets of tree cutting or tree trimming companies are fulling their storage with fallen trees. Do they need it all? While it makes sense to make some mulch or allow a few employees to take some wood home, there's nothing wrong with asking for some lumber as a customer. Here are a few things to consider as you ask for help after storms take down your local trees:

Do You Have A Place To Store The Wood?

After trees fall, it's fairly easy to cut the wood into smaller pieces. It's usually the initial felling process that takes some planning, but a professional team can bring the right saws to cut smaller pieces of wood for you. Just let the company know what you want ahead of time.

Even if they can cut the wood as needed, do you have proper storage? Unless you're hoping that it doesn't rain anytime, just throwing the lumber in the backyard isn't enough. You need a shed of some sort that will allow the wood to dry and prevent direct rainwater from soaking the wood again.

These trees are no longer alive. They may seem healthy and green at first, but keep in mind that trees are sustained, living plants that are in good shape when their root systems are intact. The stump left behind (if you decide to leave it behind) or the main tree that loses a few branches may still live and create new growth, but your logs will need proper preservation to avoid rot.

Be sure to get at least a platform that lifts your storm-fallen lumber above flood level, and get a tarp to cover the wood. If you have a shed, clear out some room before the tree cutting team arrives, and have a space ready for the team to cut, lift, and place without needing to perform any clearing. If you have no storage equipment and want help, the tree removal professionals can do some thinking for you if you let them know beforehand.

How Good Is The Wood For Projects?

Do you know what kind of wood you're dealing with? Do you know how to select a proper piece of wood for your project? Do you even know what kind of project you want to start?

Understandable. You don't need a project in mind to want to keep good, fallen lumber around. You should, however, start thinking about the possibilities before asking about cutting and storage.

Tree cutting professionals are not necessarily arbor specialists, but the company can do the research before arriving. The key to getting the right information is still to contact the company beforehand, but try to figure out what kind of wood you need in the first place.

It's possible to just cut large tree trunks into big pieces, but you'll need to seal the ends. If you need smaller pieces and don't want to lathe the lumber down to a baseball bat or furniture size later, it's good to have those dimensions researched.

Contact a tree cutting professional to talk about these projects, and don't be afraid to throw out a few ideas as you choose their services.

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