Working On Your Landscape? Add More Rocks Throughout The Entire Space

Each landscape can benefit from certain additions due to its location and climate. For instance, it should be easy to grow native plants in the Pacific Northwest because of how consistent the rain is there. This is just one example of adding something that benefits your landscape while also being easy to maintain. Another addition that you should consider for your situation, regardless of where you live, is rocks.

Creates Visual and Physical Borders

The great thing about rocks is that you will find it so easy for them to create visual borders. If you want to separate a section of the yard or even just a plant from one another, you can do it with rocks. It is also easy for rocks to excel at providing physical borders by adding a layer of rocks to a certain area. These rocks can also help to prevent pest problems when it borders city landscaping and your yard.

No Need to Replace Them

If you were to add mulch to your landscape, you might have to pay for replacements over time. Wood chips can last a long time, but they will eventually wear down to the point that you need new chips. It will take hundreds or thousands of years for rocks to erode down until they are no longer effective, so this is not something that you need to be concerned with when adding rocks to your landscape.

Simple to Clean

It is possible for a landscape to be easy or difficult to maintain. When you work on incorporating rocks, you will be reducing the overall upkeep because they are so easy to clean. A large boulder can be cleaned by taking your hose and spraying it with a powerful flow of water until you cover the whole surface.

Small rocks may not need any cleaning because they can clean themselves when there is a lot of rain. Also, since rocks are somewhat heavy on their own, you should not have to worry about a hose washing them away. This will prevent you from having to pick them up all over your yard when doing routine cleaning.

It is possible to place rocks in several places throughout your yard without investing much time or effort into planning. But, you will find that it is most beneficial to strategize this addition because you can give them a greater impact and make them easier to maintain with the right implementation.

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