Just Moved Into A Home With Minimal Landscaping? 3 Ways To Prep The Yard This Winter

Purchasing a home in the summer or fall can be fantastic since you'll be able to enjoy the warmer temperatures. However, you may be a little disappointed by the lack of landscaping work that's been done. If the landscaping is a little lackluster, there are a number of things that you can do to prep the yard for the winter and have it looks fantastic once spring arrives.

By following the landscaping projects below, you'll be able to get all the landscaping in great shape and ready for spring to arrive once winter is over:

Get Trees Removed if Needed

The easiest way to clear out your yard and prepare it for the winter is to get any trees removed. While you may want some trees for shade, others could be in a bad location that makes it difficult to landscape or if some trees aren't in good health anymore. Hiring a professional to come to your yard and inspect the trees can help you determine which trees should be removed and schedule a day to remove them safely.

Clear Out Weeds, Stumps, and Debris

Along with getting any trees removed, you'll likely have a lot of other debris that may be removed from the yard. This means looking into whether there any stumps in the yard that have been left there by the previous homeowner. While leftover tree stumps will require more extensive work to have removed, weeds and other debris as can be removed on your own. Clearing out the yard before winter arrives in full can keep it much cleaner so that you'll be able to get started with planting in spring.

Start the Design Process for the Yard

With a long winter ahead of you, you may not be spending a lot of time outdoors. However, you can get started with taking measurements of your yard and beginning the design process. When you've decided to rely on a professional for this kind of work or you would prefer to handle most of it on your own, designing the yard during the winter can ensure that you have a budget and plans ready once spring arrives.

Getting your yard ready for landscaping in the spring can mean putting a lot of effort into preparing it during winter. Knowing what to expect regarding clearing your yard now and ensuring that it's a clear pallet for you to design on, you'll be able to take advantage of this season to get the yard ready. Contact a company like Land Craft for more information and assistance. 

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