What's Involved In Clearing An Abandoned Lot For Building Your New Home

When you buy abandoned property to build your new home, you may have to hire a land clearing service to get the lot ready for construction. A land clearing service can remove mature trees, brush, and boulders that are in the way. They can even save individual trees you want to keep. Here's a look at the process of clearing land for building a new home.

Obtain Permits And Learn Regulations

If the lot is in the city, there may be strict regulations the land clearing service has to follow. For instance, burning probably won't be allowed. That means all trees and brush have to be physically removed from the property. Also, if there are abandoned wells or an old septic tank on the property, those will have to be shut down in accordance with local codes. In addition, demolishing old buildings might require inspections for asbestos and lead as well as proper containment and disposal. The land clearing service can help you with the permits and regulations, but you may need to work with additional contractors if there is an abandoned dwelling on the property.

Decide On The Clearing Services Needed

Before the work begins, you can walk the property with the crew and mark trees you want saved. A land clearing service has a variety of huge machines that make it easy to get rid of big trees. It's possible for them to pull out a large tree that's in a tight spot when you want to save another tree. Trees can be pushed over to bring up the roots or they can be cut down and the stumps ground out. Some trees that are pushed over might be saved and sold for use elsewhere if they are healthy.

Besides moving trees, the land clearing service can get rid of brush, weeds, and even grass. Decide if you want the land stripped of all vegetation. This will expose the soil and lead to erosion if construction doesn't begin on the lot soon. You may want the lot stripped and then plant grass, or you may just want the surface mowed and mulched. Brush that is removed is typically mulched at the same time so it doesn't have to be hauled away. This also enriches the soil so it can grow healthy grass when it's time. Once the land is cleared, you might also want it graded so the lot slopes properly and is ready for construction. After the land is clear, it will be flat and smooth except for any trees that you marked to save. You'll have a clean slate for installing a new well and septic system, as well as freedom to position your new house any way you want as long as it's allowed by codes.

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