How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Lawn Irrigation Systems

Your irrigation system works to support the health of all of the plant life on your property. However, irrigation systems can represent a large financial burden over the long term due to their water consumption. Fortunately, there are a few different things that you can do to improve the overall efficiency of your irrigation systems and ensure that your yard is properly watered and cared for while still using less water and cutting your utility bills each month at the same time.

Water in the Dark

One of the best ways to improve the overall effectiveness of your irrigation systems and prevent them from having to operate repeatedly throughout the day is making sure that your sprinklers and sprayers only run early in the morning or late at night when the sun isn't out. This prevents water from evaporating after it's been sprayed onto your plants and ensures that the maximum amount of moisture possible is absorbed by their roots. Installing a timer that does this automatically can help you passively reduce your water consumption without any additional effort by you each day.

Install Rain Sensors

Another important thing that you can do to drastically reduce the amount of water that your irrigation systems use throughout the day is install a rain sensor. Like its name would suggest, a rain sensor will determine if it has rained and will adjust the amount of time that your irrigation system will run for, reducing your water usage as a result without sacrificing the overall amount of water that your plants will receive. 

Install New Nozzles

An additional simple thing that can be done to improve the overall efficiency of your irrigation system is the installation of new, higher efficiency spray nozzles or attachments. These nozzles are designed to spray water directly into the ground surrounding the plants without being affected by wind or air flow, which helps ensure adequate watering and increased moisture absorption while still using less water than before.

Regular Professional Inspections

Finally, the last thing that you should do to ensure that your irrigation system's water consumption is kept to a minimum is to have a professional plumber or landscaping contractor come in to examine your sprinkler system every year or so. This ensures that any issues which can increase your water usage and harm your yard's health, like a burst pipe or a clogged head, are caught and fixed early.

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