Signs Your Tree May Be A Danger

Tree problems can be alarming simply due to the safety hazards the large plants can pose if they fall or drop branches. Being able to spot the signs of a dangerous tree can make it easier to avoid further damages to your home and property, even if you won't be able to save the tree. The following guide can help you spot issues.

Dead branches

Dead and damaged branches can be a real danger to your home as well as to anyone below. These branches are more prone to dropping or breaking off, particularly during wind and storm conditions. Fortunately, a few dead or damaged branches doesn't mean that the tree can't be saved, but it does need serviced to avoid further damage to the tree. A tree service can come in and trim out the dead and damaged branches. It's also a good idea for the service to thin the canopy so that there are no branches rubbing together and plenty of air circulation. This will cut down on future damage to the branches in the tree.

Disturbed soil

The soil around the base of the tree should not look disturbed, particularly after high winds or heavy rains. Disturbed soil can indicate that the roots are breaking beneath the soil and that the tree is in immediate danger of falling over. The tree will need to be assessed by a professional to see if it can be saved, but usually, the problems that have caused the roots to lift can't be solved. Often, roots lift because they are too shallow and can't properly anchor the tree. Root rot can also cause this issue, and there is no way to fix root rot so the tree must come down.

Bark loss

When bark starts falling off the tree, major issues can be the root cause. If too much bark falls off, then the tree will die and require removal. There are many causes of bark loss. Mechanical damage is the most likely cause. This can come from things like weed trimmers and lawnmowers knocking off the bark, or it can be the result of insect or disease problems causing the tree to suffer damage. The tree will need to be assessed to see if the cause of damage is fatal or whether it can be reversed and the tree saved.

For more help, contact tree service companies like Branched Out LLC in your area.

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