Turf Management Tips to Keep Your Athletic Field in Good Shape

If you are the custodian of an athletic field that uses natural turf, it's obviously your responsibility to make sure the ground is ready for game day, not to mention keeping it healthy throughout the rest of the year. To that end, you'll want to be diligent about engaging in some regular turf maintenance. Here are turf management tips that can help keep your athletic field looking great.

Inspect the Irrigation

Athletic fields tend to either use belowground or aboveground irrigation. This system ensures that water does not pool in any one spot and also helps the deeper part of the turf get its fair share of water. Inspect your irrigation before the wet season returns to make sure you are ready to go. Intentionally pour water into various spots and make sure the turf is soaking it properly.

Water Regularly But Not Too Much

Any good athletic field manager always has an eye on the local weather. If your field is outdoors, you can sometimes rely on Mother Nature to keep your soil watered. But if there is a dry spell coming, make sure you are ready to leap into action before the turf becomes dry and damaged. Watering the entire field by hand and then seeing the storm clouds roll in is also a recipe for disaster, as it could overwhelm your irrigation system and leave pools of water on the field.

Get Down to the Roots

Your field will likely be in need of repair after the game is over. Besides fixing any obvious divots, you'll also want to make sure the entire field is properly aerated. This means that the soil is loose enough that air and water can get down to the bottom layer of the turf and the roots. The reason you need to do this is that after a game takes place on the field, all of those athletes running all over it can cause the soil to compact. Aeration will loosen things up again and allow your turf to get the air and water it needs.

Get Professional Help

If you really want to ensure that your turf is as good as it can be, consider hiring a professional. A local turf management company can help with everything from checking your irrigation to adding fertilizer or water to the ground as needed. A turf management firm can also leap into action quickly if your turf is damaged and in need of a quick repair.

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