Five Ways To Prepare For Lawn Mowing Service

A professional mow job is an excellent way to keep your lawn green and gorgeous throughout the summer season. If you hire out the service, the following tips can help you prepare for the arrival of the lawn mowing crew.

1. Request Additional Services

Most lawn services provide more than just mowing. Edging, aerating, dethatching, and fertilizer treatments are also typical services. If your lawn is due for any of these added services, you need to schedule it in advance. Otherwise, your lawn crew may not be prepared with the supplies nor a long enough time window to perform the work. Give your service at least a week's notice that you need additional services so that they can schedule accordingly.

2. Mark Sprinkler heads

If your sprinkler system has fixed emitters, mark each emitter with an orange lawn flag before your lawn mowing service arrives. This way the workers can easily spot their location and avoid them so that the equipment doesn't damage the system. You don't need to flag popup sprinkler heads since these sink below the ground when not in use, but it's still a good idea to walk the lawn and make sure none are stuck before the service arrives.

3. Clear the Lawn

Don't slow the crew down or chance accidental damages to your belongings. Move lawn furniture and other items off the lawn and out of the way before your mowing service arrives. If you have pets or children, it's a good idea to check closely to make sure there are no toys hidden in the grass. Garden hoses and other tools should also be safely put away so they aren't in the way of the lawnmower.

4. Move Vehicles

Most lawn crews transport equipment on a trailer and truck. This means they need room to park near your property so they can unload and load their equipment easily. Most lawn crews prefer to park on the street for easy unloading, so move your car so they have plenty of room. You may also need to leave room in the driveway so they can easily maneuver the lawnmower onto the lawn via the driveway ramp.

5. Skip Watering

Don't water the morning of service. A wet lawn is more likely to suffer damage when mowed. Plus, wet clippings fill up the mower bag and weigh more, making things more difficult for the lawn crew. If it's been rainy and wet, you may want to hold off watering for a day or more prior to lawn service.

Contact a lawn mowing service if you have any other concerns.  

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