4 Tips For Mowing Your Grass To Nurture A Lush Lawn

One of the secrets for having a lush lawn is to mow it properly. Mowing grass can be a lot of work, especially in the summer when it's hot and you'd rather be in the pool. Hire a lawn mowing service if you can't mow your grass regularly so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn. Here are a few important aspects of mowing your grass to nurture a healthy lawn.

1. Don't Cut The Grass Too Short

You might be tempted to cut the grass as low as you can so it doesn't have to be mowed as often, but that's not healthy for the grass. It's better to cut off less and mow more often. In fact, a regular schedule of weekly mowing might be best, but some types of grass need to be cut more or less often. If you find out the type of grass you have, you can learn the right height that you should keep the grass so it stays healthy.

2. Switch Your Mowing Pattern

Try not to follow the same direction every time you mow the grass. If ruts start to develop, don't keep following the ruts or the grass may die off. Switch the mowing pattern so parts of your yard don't get trampled down and cause the grass to die or become unhealthy.

3. Use A Sharp Blade

If you're going to mow the grass yourself, have the mower blade sharpened at the beginning of the season. One advantage of hiring a lawn mowing service is that you don't have to bother with maintaining the equipment, but if you mow your own lawn, it's important to keep the blade sharp. A dull blade strips the grass ends and makes the grass vulnerable to diseases and insects.

4. Mow During The Best Conditions

It isn't always possible to schedule lawn mowing for the perfect time of day, but when possible, it's best to mow in the evenings, when the sun is lower. Mowing is stressful for grass, so if you mow during the hot part of the day, when the grass is already under stress from the sun, you'll add to the stress.

A good time to mow is when shade falls on your lawn or in the evening, when the grass isn't stressed and can deal with being cut much easier. Also, consider weather conditions. It's best to mow when your lawn has had a chance to dry out so the mower doesn't make ruts.

To learn more, contact a lawn mowing service.

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