The Three Phases Of Tree Removal

If you have a tree on your property that you need to have removed, then it is a good idea to understand the process. When you contact a tree removal service they will come to your property, take down the tree, and clear the space. However, it's important to understand the three phases of the task and how the each work. So, this article will give you a brief overview of what to expect.

Phase One: Prepping The Tree and Felling It

The first phase involves cutting the tree limbs off the tree. A large tree is never taken down before the larger tree limbs are cut. This is accomplished by having a member of the tree removal service climb the tree and use a small chainsaw to cut off the limbs. In preparation for this, make sure that the area surrounding the tree is clear of any lawn furniture. You do not want a lawn chair or table to be crushed by a falling limb.

Next, the tree itself will be cut down. This is often done using a directional cut. However, sometimes the tree removal experts will use guide ropes. These are tied to the tree and used to help make sure it falls in a certain direction. The reason that the tree needs to fall in a particular direction is to prevent it from hitting your home or garage.

Phase Two: Cutting And Removing The Trunk

The second phase involves cutting and removing the felled trunk. After the tree has fallen to the ground, the tree removal experts will take large chainsaws and cut the trunk into smaller, more manageable sections. These will then be removed from your property. There are instances when you might want to keep the cut logs. For instance, if you have a wood burning stove, you might want to keep some of them fore firewood. 

However, most people prefer that the tree removal service remove the logs. This is usually accomplished by loading them into a truck and hauling them away.

Phase Three: Stump Removal and Clean Up

The last phase of the tree removal process involves the stump removal. This involves either grinding down the stump or else using an excavator to dig it out. Most tree removal experts will opt for a stump grinder. It is less invasive than a large excavator. The grinder will simply grind down the remaining stump so that it becomes flush with the surrounding soil. Then you can add dirt on top of it and reseed with grass. 

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