The Best Weed Control Methods to Keep Your Landscaping Green and Clean

Maintaining beautiful and healthy landscaping can be quite a challenge. If you're dealing with weeds, it can be even more difficult. Weeds are unsightly and often compete for your time and energy when trying to keep up the landscaping. There are a few options that you can use to get rid of weeds, but which weed control solutions are the best? The best weed control solutions for greener grass and cleaner landscaping include:

Cutting Nuisance Plants Back Before Summer

Dedicated gardeners take a proactive approach by learning best practices and introducing new species to their landscaping routine to reduce nuisances and unwanted growths. These plants include invasive species and native plants that can take over your landscaping quickly. If you have to deal with nuisance plants every summer, it might be a good idea to cut them back in early spring.

Attacking the Roots of the Hard-to-Kill Weeds

Some weeds are just plain hard-to-kill. One way to control weeds is to make sure they don't have any places to grow. You can remove all the weeds you see, pull them up, and throw them away. But it's also possible to be more thorough with weed control if you use a chemical treatment like weed killer or a pesticide that will kill the roots of the weed as well as the top growth.

Using Herbicides for Targeting Weeds

Weed control is important to the health of your landscape and to the enjoyment of your family. In fact, we think it's one of the best features of gardening. However, not all homeowners have the ability to control weeds effectively. This is where using herbicides may make sense. You might want to use herbicides for a couple of reasons. They may be used to protect turf or to maintain healthy-looking landscaping by controlling weeds that affect the growth of other plants.

Covering Up the Bare Areas Before Weeds Pop Up

Covering up bare areas before they become weeds is often overlooked as one of the best ways to keep weeds at bay. But this small step can make all the difference when you have a large area to work with, especially if you have a large patch of ground that needs to be tended to regularly. You can try to use grass seed and hay covering to fix the bare areas or patch them in with a piece of sod.

Weeds can reduce your yard's appearance drastically. Keeping your lawn well-groomed and maintained is half the battle, so contact a weed control service for help.

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