5 Goals Your Rental Units' Landscape Must Fulfill

The landscape around your rental units will have a big impact on how they appeal to tenants. This means that while the rental home's landscape must achieve some of the same goals as other residential landscaping, it also must fulfill some unique goals. What are these, and how can you design a yard that meets them? Here's what you need to know about the 5 most important.

1. It Must Sell the Home to Renters. While all front yards should have curb appeal, it's much more important for rental yards. This yard must help convince people to rent this home from the moment they arrive — and it must do so month after month and year after year. So while you want to be practical and budget-friendly, don't sacrifice looks and universally-esteemed features. 

2. It Must Satisfy Many People. A residential landscape generally must only satisfy the interests and tastes of one party — the owner. Your rental unit, though, may house many different tenants over its lifetime. So design your landscape, both front and back, in a fairly neutral manner. Green, of course, is the main neutral for a yard, but you may also find it simple to work with other greenery neutrals like white and pastels. 

3. It Must Be Low Maintenance. No matter whether you expect the renters to do the yard work or you will do it yourself, the landscape should be easy to maintain. You don't want to spend a fortune or a lot of time keeping it tidy, and renters won't want to do so either. Low maintenance elements like native plants, hardy grasses, and ground covers will help toward this goal. 

4. It Must Be Practical. Don't fight human nature when designing for tenants. If you allow pets, for instance, bow to the reality of having them on your property. If you create a designated pet area, you're more likely to see the rest of the yard better protected. Similarly, if renting to families, make sure you create a kid-friendly yard for them to play in.

5. It Must Balance Hardscape. Some homeowners aim for low-maintenance yards by paving much or all of it. While doing so is fine for your personal home, keep in mind that renters want a homey and welcoming yard to enjoy. Some hardscape will help appeal to them, but too much could turn them off. Find a practical yet attractive balance. 

Want more tips for designing a great rental property yard? No matter how many units you must landscape or what obstacles you face, the best place to start is by consulting with an experienced landscape designer in your area today. 

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