Picking The Right Landscaping Options May Improve Home Value

Homeowners attempting to get the most money on a sale can take many steps to improve their home's appearance and its overall value. For example, better landscaping is an underrated way to enhance a home's sale price and make sure it sells for a higher price. First, however, homeowners need to pick the most appropriate options for their neighborhood to avoid negative price changes.

Landscaping Can Improve a Home's Value in Many Ways

Landscaping falls under what real estate agents call a home's curb appeal or value. The curb appeal is the value of a home based on its appearance, particularly its outward look such as its roof style, window types, door designs, driveway installation, and landscape designs. A beautiful-looking home will attract more potential customers and create a higher bidding war between potential buyers.

However, not all lawn improvements will enhance a home's value, as some may detract. For example, extra Space reports that improvements like artificial grass likely decrease a home's value by creating an unnatural look that homeowners may dislike. Even worse, upgrades that are not appropriate for a home's neighborhood may also cause price drops. Changes that typically produce price improvements in all regions include:

  • An Attractive Lawn: Appealing lawns create an attractive look and keep pests and other creatures out of a home. For example, tall grass may breed termites and ticks, while a well-cut lawn keeps them out by providing less hiding space from various predators.
  • Unique Lawn Styles: Homeowners who create fun and attractive gardens with unique tree and shrub designs may improve their home value by producing a unique and interesting style. This option may work best in areas where home value is already relatively high, and individual styles are unique.
  • Enhanced Safety: Better landscaping may improve a home's safety by eliminating unnecessary clutter that may cause tripping hazards, fixing damaged items that may cause structural failure, and adding extra lights and more open environments that make burglaries harder.

These different upgrades and changes may improve home value by 70-90% of the landscaping process's cost. However, these upgrade values vary depending on a property's neighborhood and what kind of landscaping is common. Areas without in-depth landscaping may lose value when homeowners add intricate and costly upgrades because they stand out in the neighborhood and don't match its overall value and costs.

As a result, homeowners should talk with real estate experts and landscaping professionals about which of these upgrades make the most sense for them. Landscaping professionals can examine the other changes done throughout a region to ensure that they match the general needs of the area.

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