Trees Ruining Your Paving? 3 Removal Steps

Whether a tree is growing from a concrete planting well in your parking strip, or simply placed just against the driveway concrete, it may eventually outgrow its spot and begin to damage the concrete surrounding it. Not only will these constricted growing conditions eventually compromise the tree's health, they will also lead to destroyed paving. Removal with as little damage to the pavement is the necessary goal.

1. Top Removal

Most tree removal begins with cutting it down at the trunk. If the tree is on the shorter side and poses no immediate hazards, such as falling into power lines or onto a parked car, then removal can be simple. Your service will simply cable it to help control the fall and then cut it down low on the trunk. 

Large or densely branched trees may require more preparation before they can be cut down, especially if there are hazards to avoid. Your service may need to first limb the tree, which means cutting off all the branches and lowering them carefully to the ground to avoid damaging anything below. The trunk will then also be cabled and cut down in sections so it can be safely lowered to the ground.

2. Concrete Lifting

Before the rest of the tree stump can be removed, the nearby concrete must be addressed so that it isn't damaged by the stump removal method that is chosen. Stump grinding machines can be too large to operate near concrete, and pulling or digging out the stump can often crack or damage the concrete that surrounds it.

Special machinery can be used to jack up the concrete pad so it is out of the way. Once lifted, the slab is moved carefully so it doesn't crack. Larger slabs may first be cut with a concrete saw so only a small area of the paving needs to be disturbed. After removal is complete, your service will set the slab back into place.

3. Stump Grinding

Grinding is the preferred method for getting rid of the stump, a task that must be completed or the roots of the tree may continue to grow and put up new shoots for some time. With the paving out of the way, a manually operated grinder can be moved into place to grind out the stump to the necessary depth.

Some roots may need to be dug out manually. This is especially necessary for any larger roots that had penetrated beneath the paving and caused some lift.

Contact a tree removal service for more help with any trees you have that are endangering the pavement in your landscaping. 

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