A Commercial Landscape Company Keeps Your Property Safe And Visually Appealing

The appearance of your property is very important when dealing with the public. The first impression potential clients get is formed by the appearance of your grounds as they approach your building. However, maintaining grass and landscaping is often difficult and time-consuming, especially if you want professional-looking results.

Hire a commercial landscape maintenance company to do all the work and save yourself from hiring your own landscaping employees. Here are some important functions a commercial landscape maintenance company can provide to keep your grounds attractive and safe.

Mow And Trim The Grass

Maintaining the grass on a regular schedule is an important part of commercial landscape maintenance. Mowing weekly or bi-weekly as needed keeps the grass at a uniform height throughout the growing season. You won't have to worry about the grass getting too long when it's mowed on a consistent schedule.

In addition to mowing, the contractor needs to trim weeds that grow up close to trees and buildings. Plus, they'll edge around curbs and blow clippings back into the grass so they don't clutter the parking lot or entry walkway.

Kill Weeds And Fertilize Grass

Mowing is essential for lawn health, and so is fertilizing the grass and killing weeds. Keeping the grass lush and healthy deters weed growth, but the lawn service may also want to use pre-emergent weed killer in the spring and fall. They may also need to use post-emergent weed killers occasionally during the summer.

Fertilizer is often spread on the grass during the spring too, but it might also be needed in the summer to help bare spots grow healthy grass. A commercial landscape maintenance service knows how to care for grass and plants so they stay healthy and attractive. Plus, you won't have to worry about buying and storing equipment and chemicals since the landscaping service brings their own supplies to the job.

Trim Trees And Bushes

Keeping bushes and trees trimmed is another important part of commercial landscape maintenance because branches that grow wild can obstruct the vision of drivers or be in the path of pedestrians and increase the risk of injury on your property. Tree trimming also helps your trees stay healthy and attractive.

Maintain Plants And Flowers

You may not want to bother with plants and flowers, but growing them on your property adds beauty and makes your property seem warm and welcoming. A commercial landscape maintenance company can maintain the plants by adding mulch when needed, trimming leaves, adding fertilizer, and maintaining irrigation equipment.

You may even want them to select plants and flowers and change them as the seasons of the year pass so your property always has a touch of color that's appropriate for the season.

Contact a commercial landscape maintenance company to learn more.

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