5 Reasons To Include Hardscaping In Your Landscape Plans

An attractive yard requires more than just plants. Hardscaping elements like paths, patios, landscape gravel, and garden walls can all improve the quality of the yard.

1. Provide Privacy

Your yard should be an oasis for relaxation and enjoyment, and privacy helps with that. Hardscaping with brick or stone walls provide more than just visual privacy, they also help reduce noise in your yard from traffic and nearby properties. Adding greenery to the walls will further deaden street noises and make your yard feel like a secret hideaway from the outside world.

2. Prevent Erosion

Erosion can be problematic, especially if there are steep slopes in the landscape. Hardscaping with included drainage can be used to terrace over these slopes so that it's easier to plant greenery while reducing erosion and landslide concerns. In low areas, the use of hardscaping elements like dry creek beds or rock-lined rain gardens can aid in drainage while minimizing soil loss from the draining waters.

3. Increase Interest

A boring yard doesn't have any variance in layers or levels to excite the eye. Flat expanses of lawn grass just aren't that attractive on their own. Adding in low walls to raise bed levels helps layer the height of the plants in the yard, which is more visually pleasing. Walls and paths can be used to route traffic flow and create areas of attractive mystery. Even small hardscaping elements like fountains and archways can have a large impact on the look of the landscape.

4. Enhance Usability

A well-designed landscape consists of more than just plants and garden beds. Pathways along the natural flow of traffic make it easier to utilize your landscape and prevent damage to lawns and garden areas. A nice patio, perhaps with included features such as a built-in grill or fire pit, can turn your backyard into an entertainment centerpiece. By using hardscaping in attractive but utilitarian ways, you can make your yard into an extension of the home. 

5. Minimize Maintenance

If you are like most people, you want to enjoy your yard instead of spending all of your time maintaining it. Bare soil can become weedy problems, so the installation of stone ground covers and paved paths can reduce the time spent weeding. Hardscaped borders, such as concrete curbing around garden beds, can reduce weed incursion between the lawn and flower beds. Permeable paving options for paths and patios allow for healthy water use, thus minimizing the time and expense spent on irrigation.

Contact a hardscape service if you would like to learn more.

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