Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

Mowing the lawn is an important aspect of caring for your landscaping. Unfortunately, a person can easily underestimate the need to follow best practices for cutting their grass, and this can lead to the property developing some potential problems.

Poor Mowing Practices Can Contribute To Nutrient Depletion In The Soil

Ensuring that the soil has a sufficient amount of nutrients can be an important part of growing a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, it can be possible for poor mowing practices to actually contribute to the nutrients in the soil being depleted. An example of this could be failing to allow the clippings to break down naturally over time. If the grass clippings are not allowed to naturally decompose, it can prevent the nutrients that were extracted from the ground by the grass from being returned. In addition to allowing the clippings to break down naturally, you should also avoid mowing the lawn too frequently. This could result in the grass becoming too short to effectively protect the soil from erosion and other issues.

Handling The Edgework For The Lawn Can Be Surprisingly Difficult

The edging for the lawn can be surprisingly difficult to effectively cut. In addition to the risk of damaging fencing or other structures that are near the edging, a person could find that they may also damage the soil. This is especially true when it comes to weed cutters as it can be easy to hold them at an angle that allows them to cut into the soil. This could disturb the soil as well as damage the surface roots of the grass. Opting for an edging attachment for the lawnmower may be a more effective and safer option for cutting these areas of your landscaping.

Proper Lawn Mowing Can Reduce The Risk Of Weeds Growing

While mowing the lawn can help to keep the property looking attractive, it can also have the practical benefit of reducing the ability of weeds to grow on the grounds. Ideally, the grass will need to be kept at least a couple of inches tall as this can make it much harder for weed seeds to germinate. Unfortunately, this can be a benefit that may be overlooked by many individuals when it comes to preserving the appearance of their lawn. However, it can be an effective and natural solution for reducing the prevalence of weeds on the grounds. An additional benefit of this practice can be that it will keep the grass healthy by ensuring that it is tall enough to maximize photosynthesis.

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