Building A Brick Paved Patio? How To Provide Proper Winter Care

If you're getting ready to build a patio using brick pavers, it's time to plan for the upkeep. Brick patio pavers are an excellent choice for patios and walkways. Your brick paver patio will need some extra care, especially during the winter. With the right care, your brick patio will last for many years. If you're not sure how to care for your brick patio pavers during the winter, read the list provided below. Here are some instructions to help you safeguard your new patio this winter.  

Start With Waterproof Sealant

If you've decided on brick pavers for your new patio, winter care should start as soon as construction gets done. Talk to your contractor about applying a layer of waterproof sealant to the new brick pavers. The waterproof sealant helps to protect your new pavers from weather-related damage. It will also help keep your brick pavers looking their best. 

Remove Ice and Snow Safely

If you're expecting ice and snow this winter, you'll need to protect your brick patio pavers. Ice and snow can cause serious damage to your brick pavers. But, so can some snow removal methods. That's why you need to take care when clearing your patio. Try to avoid using chemical deicing agents. This includes liquid chemical deicers and sidewalk salt. You should also avoid using metal-edged snow shovels to clear your brick paver patio. Instead, try to use a plastic-edged snow shovel or a stiff-bristled push broom. 

Consider Adding Some Heat

If you want to avoid slip-and-fall accidents this winter, it might be time to heat up your new brick paver patio. You might not know this, but you can have a heating system installed under your patio. During the winter, the heater will melt snow and ice, leaving you with a slip-resistant surface. Best of all, you can take the hard work out of cleaning your new patio. 

Watch Out for Shifting Sand

If you want to safeguard your new patio this winter, be sure to watch for shifting sand. This is especially important if you get a lot of rain during the winter. Too much water can cause the sand foundation to shift. When that happens, your pavers might shift, as well. If your brick pavers do shift, you should have your patio repaired as soon as possible. 

Now that you're investing in a brick paver patio, use the tips provided here to protect it through the winter. Contact a local landscaping company to learn more about residential brick-paved patios

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