Questions To Ask Prior To Your Landscape Installation Service

Having new landscaping installed at your home can be so exciting. You probably can't wait to sit in your backyard, surrounded by plants and a design created especially for you. Luckily, your landscape installer will do most of the work when it comes to making your dream a reality. However, you might want to ask them the following questions before they get started. 

What care do the plants they're installing require?

Some plants look good, but they require a ton of care. So, before your installer starts popping plants in the ground, ask them about the care requirements for those plants. If there are any plants that require frequent trimming, will die if they go without water for more than a day, or are otherwise very demanding, you might want to consider some alternatives. Ask your landscaper if there are any plants that look similar, but will be easier to care for over the years.

Is mulch included?

Mulch is often included in a landscape installation, but there are times when a landscaper might leave the mulch for the homeowner to tackle. They sometimes do this if it is fall and not the prime season to mulch, or if you want something other than the standard type of mulch they carry. Just make sure you ask about the mulch installation so that you know, in advance, if you'll be looking around for mulch once your landscapers are done. If mulch is not included, you may be able to get them to include it for an extra charge.

When will you be able to use the area?

This question is most important to ask if the landscaper is installing any hardscaping, like pavers or a patio. You want to know how long those elements need to sit and dry after being poured, sealed, or stained. It might be a day, or it might be several days. Knowing in advance will help you better plan, and it will also keep you from making the mistake of stepping on any surfaces and damaging them too soon. You can ask this question about any grassy areas they're planting too. Grass often needs time to be established before you can walk on it. 

If you ask the questions above, you will be more informed going into your landscape installation experience. Be sure to rely on your landscape contractors for their expertise and feedback along the way. 

Contact a local landscape installation contractor to learn more. 

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