Sand For Backfill: Improving Property Aesthetics And Stability

Backfill is a process that describes using sand or another material to fill holes dug during a construction project. For instance, consider a construction job that needs to dig trenches to lay utility lines. Once the utility lines are in place, the trench needs to be filled back in.

You might think it best to use the dirt dug out of the hole to fill the hole back up again, but that is not the case. Once you dig the soil out of the hole, it is no longer compacted. Therefore, if you place the soil back in the hole, it will settle as time goes by. Too much settling can damage utility lines and pipes, which makes sand a better choice.

Why Use Sand Instead

Sand used for backfill is often coarse or fine, which means there is very little room for air between each granule of sand. As such, it compacts down very well and does not experience much shifting once you pour it into a hole or trench. Imagine placing a structure on top of a hole. If you place dirt beneath that hole and the dirt shifts, it can damage the structure. Therefore, sand provides more stability.

Better for Drainage

When you choose the right sand for your backfill project, it can improve drainage. Coarse sand, for instance, has sharper edges, which encourages the unhindered flow of water. The finer the sand grit, the more likely it is that the sand will compact when wet, which makes drainage difficult.

Thankfully, if you are looking to perform a backfill request in an area that does not experience heavy rainfall or moisture, sand works wonders. Further, since san promotes drainage, it means you are less likely to have to deal with standing puddles of water, which can appear unsightly. Therefore, sand improves the aesthetic of the property.

How it is Done

Sand may be brought in by the truckloads. It may require more than one truckload of sand depending on the size of the hole or trench and how many holes and trenches there are. A sand dumping service will speak to the property manager to confirm the delivery of sand prior to dumping it where it needs to go. Measurements of the trenches or holes may also be required to estimate how much sand is needed.

If you are in need of sand dumping services for your backfill needs, contact a professional near you today.

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