Deck Installation Services: 4 Unique Deck Designs You Should Consider For A Round Pool

Adding a deck to your round pool can create an amazing outdoor living experience. Not only will it provide extra space for sunbathing and relaxing, but it will also add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your backyard. With so many different deck designs available for a round pool, deciding which one is best for you can be difficult. Your contractor can assess your space and advise on the best design for your home. Here are four unique deck designs you should consider for your round pool:

Multi-Level Decks

A multi-level deck is a great option for a round pool if you plan on entertaining guests and having a larger outdoor area. It is also a great way to incorporate different sections of decking that can be used for various activities or entertaining areas. Multi-level decks can be customized to fit the size of your pool and yard and provide a unique design to your outdoor area. For instance, you could build a lower tier with lounge chairs and an upper tier for dining space.

Perimeter Decking

A perimeter deck is ideal if you want to create a seamless transition between your pool and the rest of your backyard. The deck allows easy access to the pool, making it a great option for those with limited space. The perimeter deck can also be expanded to the sides of your pool by adding stairs, and you can even opt to install railings, lighting, and other features to enhance the look. Your contractor can help you create a modern and inviting area for your round pool.

Radial Decks

A radial deck is a great option if you want to create a unique style for your round pool. It is created by connecting the deck pieces in a curved pattern around the pool's edge. The design allows a beautiful flow from the deck to the pool, creating an attractive and modern look. It also allows for easy access to your pool with minimal steps, making it an ideal choice for those who need a more accessible deck design.

Sloping Decks

A sloping deck is a great option for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor area. The sloping design allows the deck pieces to slowly decrease in height from the top of the pool to the lawn. It creates a beautiful and inviting area that will impress your guests. The sloping design also allows easy access to the pool, and you can customize it with built-in benches or seating areas.

No matter what design you choose, a deck can create an amazing outdoor living space for your round pool. Consult a professional deck contractor to discuss which design is best for you. With their expertise, you can create a beautiful and functional area for your pool.

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