Learn About The Benefits Of Sod

Have you ever driven around your neighborhood only to realize how much you envy your neighbor's lawn? You may ask yourself what they're doing to their lawn that's different from what you're doing to yours. While they could have thick, healthy, green grass, you could have spotty, brownish grass that gives your property a dilapidated feel. It can be difficult, if not impossible, for you to achieve the perfect lawn. This is especially true if you start with the wrong grass. You should think about having sod installed. This article can teach you about sod and its advantages. 

What Is Sod? 

Sod is grass and a portion of the soil directly under its surface that holds the root system together. Sod is grown in one place until it gets to a certain stage. Once it's matured and has become thick and strong, it will be harvested. This is done by removing the grass and a portion of the soil from the ground and cutting it into specific shapes and sizes. It can be prepared and sold as square slabs or as rectangular rolls. 

How Is Sod Installed?

You should hire someone to put the sod in, so you know the lawn will be off to a great start. When the sod installation company comes, they'll begin by removing your old grass. They'll prepare the soil, leveling it out and breaking up any large chunks of dirt. Once the ground is flat and level, they'll lay the sod. Any adjustments will be made to ensure all the pieces line up correctly. The edges will be trimmed, to prevent some sections of grass from growing further out than others. The sod will be watered and any areas under thick shade trees will be heavily seeded. This is done because grass doesn't grow as well in shaded areas. The extra seeding helps ensure the lawn will remain thick throughout the yard. 

What Are Some Advantages of Sod?

When you have sod installed, you'll also know what the final product is going to look like. You'll be able to order the type you prefer. When you grow grass the natural way, it's often a surprise, and it may not be a good one. You could have thin blades when you wanted thick, or yellowish-green grass when you wanted bluish-green instead.

Once the sod is installed, it will help to prevent problems with erosion and sloping on the property. When you have thin grass, or no grass at all, the rain waters can wash away much of the earth. However, these things won't be a concern with the thick lawn you'll have. 

Contact a local sod installation company to learn more. 

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