Synthetic Grass Around Your Pool Is A Win-Win

The list is already long when it comes to the benefits of residential synthetic grass solutions. However, the list gets even longer when you factor in pool ownership. For pool owners, having artificial turf can make time spent in the pool more enjoyable and lessen their workload; learn how. 

Better Water Balance

As a pool owner, you know firsthand the struggle with keeping the water balanced, as all sorts of elements in the air can disturb the water's pH. Not only is it time-consuming to deal with constant disruptions to the water chemistry, but it can also be costly when it comes to chemical supplies. 

Grass around the pool means that clippings could fall in the water when mowed. It also means that some of the water can settle in the pool when you water the pool. Both instances can get the water out of balance. Synthetic grass does not require mowing or watering, which can keep your pool water cleaner.

Less Deck Cleaning

While the pool is the main attraction, the deck area is undoubtedly an attractive supporting feature. When you have grass around your pool deck, you can all but guarantee that you will have issues with keeping the deck clean. 

When you water the grass or it rains, whether it is your child playing in the yard or your pet, they will undoubtedly leave muddy tracks on the deck. With turf, there is no mud. Even if it rains, walking from the synthetic grass to the deck will lead to zero mud buildup on your deck, which means less work for you.

Enhanced Safety

Installing synthetic grass around a pool area can also enhance safety. Again, grass must have water to maintain its health. However, water also makes grass especially slippery, which can increase the threat of a fall, even a fall into the water. Especially when it comes to children, practicing safety around a pool is very important, and turf can help. 

Turf will get wet from rainfall, but unlike grass, it is non-slip. As a result, even if your children run and play on the nearby turf, they are far less likely to slip and fall into the pool. Anything that can help keep your family safer while they enjoy themselves is a great addition.

If you want to know more about a residential synthetic grass solution, contact a turf installation professional or company for assistance.

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