Gifting Services? Creative Ways To Help Loved Ones Cope With Difficult Situations

Living far away from family members or dear friends is a sad situation that can become even worse when you hear that they are having a hard time. Whether they are dealing with a temporary health issue, such as a broken bone, or a major life change, like the death of a spouse, just knowing that you cannot be physically there for them in their time of need can be devastating. This is also true in situations where adult children are living too far away to help elderly parents deal with declining health or mobility issues. If you have found yourself in this type of disturbing circumstance, you should know that you can still make a difference and show them how much you care by gifting them with ongoing deliveries or professional services. If you would like to do this for someone you love, the following ideas can help you get started. 

Subtle help with the budget and meal preparation

An easy way to send a periodic reminder that you care for someone who is struggling with financial difficulties or finding time to cook for their families is to make a regular delivery order of a favorite food to their home. Answering the door to find a hot, freshly-made pizza at no cost can be a real blessing for single moms, two-career families, or a recently widowed relative who is just trying to get used to cooking for one, instead of two. This kind of delivery order can be done from your laptop or tablet and can be an anonymous gif if desired. 

Choosing a service gift that offers year round benefits

Some potential service gift recipients need more help than an occasional take-out dinner can provide. These loved ones might include:

  • elderly parents or grandparents
  • a loved one who has suffered a disability 
  • someone dealing with a terminal illness
  • parents of small children who have recently lost a spouse or partner
  • anyone who is struggling to maintain a home on their own

Providing regular services from a professional lawn care company can be the very best way to show you care, when you cannot be there in person. A reliable lawn care company like GreenLawn By Design can do much more than just mow the grass. When interviewing, look for a full-service, professional lawn care company that is willing to do year round care for the home, including grass mowing, planting, mulching, landscaping, leaf removal, and snow and ice removal. In addition to performing a valuable service, these companies can also be instructed to notify you if something seems amiss during their visits, making them a service that is well worth the cost. 

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