Create A Backyard Play Area For Your Kids And Pets With Landscaping Services

While looking at your backyard, you may notice there is nowhere for your children and pets to play freely and safely. A sizable dirt patch or a collection of landscape debris and weeds do not make for the greatest surfaces to play on. Fortunately, you can hire a residential landscaping company to create a safe and attractive backyard play area for your family by growing a lawn.


One of the most important decisions throughout this project is the grass you pick because it will determine a lot about its health and your family's backyard experience. For instance, you can find beautiful grasses that are delicate and cannot handle much foot traffic without struggling.

The key is picking durable grass that your children and pets can play on safely. Also, you may want to consider the grass texture because soft grass is preferable for playing on. Since your kids will likely fall eventually, you will feel better knowing the grass is soft to the touch.

Some grasses demand more watering than your climate receives through precipitation. However, you can solve this problem by installing an irrigation system to handle the watering.


Another point to consider before making final decisions is the lawn's size. While small children may not take up much spacing playing, they will grow over time. Prioritizing a sizable lawn is an excellent plan to future-proof your backyard even as your kids grow.

Going with a large lawn is also helpful for large dog breeds. Medium and large dogs can cover large spaces quickly and easily. So, you can provide your dogs with sufficient exercise by giving them a large enough play area to run around freely and without obstruction.

An excellent idea is to place the grassy area away from neighboring fences and properties. This will help minimize how much sound travels to neighbors when your children play.


Adding an irrigation system to your backyard will save you time and effort throughout the week. A major benefit of sprinklers is that they can provide consistent watering. This will keep your grass soft and healthy, making it an optimal play area for your children and pets.

When you make plans, you may want to prioritize pop-up sprinklers. These sprinklers will not be at risk of damage, and your family cannot get hurt by stepping on them.

Hire a residential landscape service—such as Stephenson's Landscaping—to create an ideal backyard play area with a lawn.

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